AP Chemistry Easter / Passover Break Homework

1.  Basic Stuff: (Look over the study sheet: "Stuff I Should Know for the AP Test But Do Not Know Yet")

a.   Memorize Names of ALL Elements from their Corresponding Symbols. Use this fancy Periodic Table (printable file).

(Especially the Latin ones: Na, K, Cu, Ag, Sn, Sb, W, Au, Hg, Pb; and the lesser use Metals with really difficult pronunciations.)

b.   Memorize Ion Charges of Transition Metals (use the Periodic Table file above).

c.   Memorize Names, Chemical Formulas, and Charges of all Polyatomic Ions (again, see the top of the fancy Periodic Table above).

d.   Memorize the Solubility Table and Flame Test Colours. (printable file)

e.   Know all the Strong Acids and Gases that form Acids.

2.   Review Important Dead Scientists & their Contributions. (printable file)

3.   Finish Most of Chapter 16 Homework and work on Unit 6 Sample Free Response Questions.

4.   Complete the write-up for Lab 13: Weak Acid and Strong Base Titration.

5.   Go through the Net-Ionic Equation Review Packet (Watch the Video Lessons A & B) and do some of the questions.

6.   Go through Checklist of The Comprehensive AP Chem Syllabus and Test Study Guide from Adrian Dingle and identify what you need to review.

7.   Watch some of these Podcasts for Review of various topics (must download iTunes if you want to subscribe and watch it on iPod / iPhone / iPad).

  • Hatak's AP Chemistry Podcasts (Web)

  • Hatak's AP Chemistry Podcast (Link opens in iTunes)

  • Jonathan Bergemann's AP Review Podcasts (Link opens in iTunes)

  • Lewis Miskowicz AP Chemistry Podcasts (Web)


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